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[01 Dec 2005|03:33pm]

Just posted that in the wrong group....
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[01 Dec 2005|03:31pm]

1) lj name:

2) location (approx):
Devon, Uk

3) why you're a nerd, dork, or geek: what makes anyone a nerd these days?
COs the jocks sued to laugh at me in physical education

4) favourite book? how often do you read?
I have lots... i read lots, too... Stefan Zweig's 'fantastic nigth and otehr stories' - it's s radass collection.

5) Why did you want to join this community?
Just cos.

6) What is your sign?

7) What bands do you like?
Simple plan, universal poplab, son of dork, a-teens, alcazar, yellowcard, and loads more

8) What period of history do you find most fascinating?
You pick one.

9) What's your favourite movie?
Nói Albinói OR before sunrise

12) What branch of philosophy do you most closely identify with?
More political... Communism/Revolutionary socialism.

14) Do you still live with your parents?

16) Anything else to say about yourself:
I'm a Geek.

17) What's your favorite t.v. show?
Sensitive skin
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[20 Nov 2004|10:14am]
JOIN IT!!!!!!!!
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::stands up:: [04 Sep 2004|07:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi, My name is Jessica...and I'm a dork becuase...I do Marching Band AND theatre...I wear Emo Glasses (most days), and I like to watch the Sci-fi channel. ::hangs head::

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[14 Aug 2004|09:35pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I went to a renisance faire today.

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Greetings Fellow Dorks [08 Aug 2004|11:07pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Seeing as how I was only alive for barely under a year in the 80's, I wasn't really given the oportunity to listen to New Kids on the Block. But I do have a rather large obsession with They Might Be Giants. Is that good enough for you?

Anyways I just joined this community. Heres a small bio

Name: Jake Jones
Home: Olympia, WA
Bands: They Might Be Giants, Weezer, Schoolyard Heroes, The Killers, .. eh too many to name so I'll stop here.
Age: I turn 15 in 8 days. (Aug 17th)

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[23 Jul 2004|05:56pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

OK, here it goes....

Name: Katie

Age: 14 5/6 (almost fifteen! yay!)

Why a dork?: I am usually the last one to get almost every joke; I practically live in the office chair; I have a minimal number of friends (but they are still awsome!); and at times I can be the biggest ditz in the history of the world.... well, maybe except for jessica simpson..... That's about it.....


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I wanna be a dork!!!! [20 Jul 2004|02:00pm]

[ mood | dorky ]


I wear thick glass
I live on an island
On good days I'm on the internet 13 hours a day
I rp
I play internet games

I am a dork!!!

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Ending Soon [01 May 2004|08:31am]

Hey guys. Check out my auction for a vintage Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PC game http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4315&item=8102281859&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

And please DO feel free to bid. ^_-  Ending soon! Dont miss out.

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons [26 Apr 2004|03:51pm]


Hey guys. Check out my auction for a vintage Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PC game http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=4315&item=8102281859&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW

And please DO feel free to bid. ^_-

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scarredsun [29 Feb 2004|02:29pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hi, I'm Scarred Sun! Wheeee!

- I have a sick, hardcore obsession with SEGA. Specifically Sonic the Hedgehog. When our local Gamestop opened, I (a 22-year-old female) had to get pictures of me standing next to the unfortunate soul who had to walk around in a Sonic costume. Hell, I'm a member of Sonic CulT.

- If I grow up, I want to be a ninja. When I was little, I would play with a yardstick pretending it was a big sword.

- I stayed home from work to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when it came out.

- I saw Episodes I and II the day they came out. Harcore for Star Wars.

- I started an anime club when I was a freshman in high school. We had five members. ^_^

- During Spirit Week in high school, for Superhero Day I dressed up as Super Geek.

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[26 Feb 2004|01:17am]


::i'm blind. i have glasses. they are dumb.
::i won the statewide math competition 3 years in a row
::i'm obsessed with super nintendo. yes, it is sad
::i watch cartoons every saturday morning. it's a ritual.
::i love jhonen vasquez

and i don't have a real live boyfriend, which makes me happy. i can't stand to be around people.
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.. i'm new. [28 Dec 2003|01:03am]

i'm maru, i'm 18 and i live in belo horizonte - brazil.
well.. i ..

- LOVE RPG. i can't live without this.
- LOVE videogames. yay. i absolutely live for games. i own many things from SEGA. and i want desesperately a ps2 (too much expensive).
- i like cosplay very much. i went to some anime conventions in são paulo dressed as anime characters. oh yeah, i like animes! XD
- i never was popular in school. and i'm glad for that.
- i love photography. and i'm narcisist.
- books books books! agatha christie and pedro bandeira and many others! isaac asimov too! love cartoons, HQ's, mangas too.
- don't like people too much.
- i like to make websites.
- i like very much to draw!
- i like beign alone.
- i love harry potter. yay.

and some other things.. can't remember now (just because it's too common for me do these things XP).
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Genuine dork [16 Oct 2003|02:05pm]

A quick rundown on the ways I excel at dorkyness:

- Reading Rainbow is one of my favorite shows. Ever. I still speak nostalgically about the ST:TNG episode.

- I love every incarnation of Star Trek. Hell, I own a stuffed tribble and the technical manual and little pewter figures and... shall I go on?

- I read comic books of all varieties like they're liquid crack.

- I enjoy nothing more than wearing underwear with cartoon characters on them. I've got ones with Cookie Monster and Oscar; Strawberry Shortcake; Care Bears; Lucky Charms.

- Look at my icon. I mean, really.

- I'm a writer. Of both "real" stuff (note the sarcasm) and fanfic. I have fans in Japan who draw me kick-ass manga pictures ;)

- I think cartoons are the lifeblood of modern artistic culture. I live for new Miyazaki films.

- I know how to talk to computers. They purr for me.

- My boyfriend and I are going to be Harry Potter (that's him - duh) and Hermione Granger for Halloween.

Dorks of the world, unite!

"I recommend the pina coladas. They're very authentic tasting." - Toby Radloff
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[05 Oct 2003|12:32am]

ok...so tonight i went back and spent time with the decathlon team. we used to meed every saturday from like 2 till 11 at night to study and take tests and crap and one of the coaches house. it was pretty cool. well i missed all that, so i went over, and even though i didn't have to do it, i studied with them, and took the tests....for fun...
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[03 Oct 2003|12:20pm]

wow...i should have found this a long time ago...

such a dork am i...star wars...dnd...rpgs...internet...the sciences...chess...thick glasses...i'm like 24/7 tech support for anyone i know that owns a computer...

but i don't put xs in between any words...and i do have a girlfriend...yes a real one...

either way...glad i found this place.
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[09 Sep 2003|11:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, everyone. I'm Andrea, and instead of providing you with a handy dandy label I'm just going to reveal to you guys that I have absolutely nothing better to do with my Saturdays than play D&D with my four best friends. All of whom are male, and none of whom I've dated. No, none at all, not ever.

I'm also a photoshop geek.

And I pundit-blog surf.

I'm very heavy into web design. (raw coding, no sissy WYSIWYG editors)

I never got over Star Wars.

My hobby is alphabetizing.

The X-Files is my favorite television show.

I work for the school radio station.

I've read the complete Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction. All 754 pages of it.

And I love school. Now when I say I love school, I don't mean that I like living at a boarding school, or that I enjoy hanging out with my friends during lunch period, or that my campus is really gorgeous. I mean I love school. Like, homework: I love that. And I also love essays. And class debates. Also, organizing notebook divider sections. Not even to get into class discussions, tests, or xerox handouts. Just thinking about the copy machine makes me happy.

Yay team geek!

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Embracing the dorkness within... and shit... !!!!!!!!! [18 Jul 2003|03:26am]

[ mood | dorky ]

*clears throat*

Hi... I'm Melanie, and I'm a dork..

*feels relieved*

Damn, that felt good... now about my dorkness.. I.. :

-wear glasses, and not to be hip, but because I am blind as a bat.
-have seen every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and found Geordi extremely hot (and still do)
-spend an average of eight to ten (out of every 24 hours) online
-communicate with most of my friends via email or instant messages (the telephone is eeeeeeevil...)
-cannot perform the simplest tasks while stoned, such as to pronounce words like "concur".
-have a recurring thing for both Prince (or the artist formerly known as) and Boy George (who can still kick it, dammit)
-write poetry
-build websites
-have said things to my college contemporaries, such as: "but it's a school night!!"

well.. there's a start.. *sobs* oh my god... acceptance! sweeeeeeeet acceptance!!!!


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this place is too dead. [31 May 2003|10:11am]

[ mood | amused ]

an0ther_atheist: If I had a nickel for every time a girl said that to me...
astraluna: you'd have a nickel?
an0ther_atheist: Yup. :-)

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bow to me, o dorks, for i am your queen. [09 Apr 2003|05:03am]

[ mood | muffin-y ]

I just watched every single movie on muffinfilms.com.

And then I went and baked two different kinds of muffins.

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